Read a book

here is some recommended reading, a couple of these saved my life!!

Richard Carlsons main approach is to say "stop dwelling on your prolems, look at the good bits and get on with your life!". Pretty simple advice but very helpful and very encouraging. Sometimes if I'm feeling a bit low I'll dip into one of his books and feel better straight away.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Richard Carlson

Stop Thinking, Start Living

Richard Carlson


You Can Be Happy No Matter What

Wayne W. Dyer, Ric...

Desmond Morris looks at humans in the same way that he looks at other animals - as a zoo keeper. He argues that many of our problems stem from the fact that we are not living in our natural habitat. Like zoo animals we are neurotic to some degree - depending on how closely our cages can mimic our natural environment - which is of course the forest and the plains.


Mihaly Csikszentmi...


Learned Optimism

Martin E. P Seligm...



Authentic Happiness

Martin E. P. Selig...




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